Mixed Use Development, East Wall, Dublin 3,  for Messrs Mamselle Ltd

Area : 3027 sq. m
Status : Planning Stage 2003

The Proposed development intended to demolish entirely the existing unsightly warehouse / factory / office unit and ESB substation which is built in close proximity to the rear gardens of the terraced housing on Merchants Road, to set back the new development from these houses, in the form of a high-density, linear block, and create a new public, high-amenity, landscaped space. The existing warehouse is owned and occupied by a clothes manufacturer. However, in recent years the manufacturing side of the business had been re-located overseas and it is mainly the design and administration section that remain in Merchants Road. The proposed new development would enhance the amenities of the existing area whilst maintaining the current employment levels through the provision of new office space for the 35 employees. The scheme involved the construction of new 2, 3 and 4-storey, commercial and residential units comprising office units, townhouses and apartments, a re-located ESB substation and car parking. The scheme attempts to provide a high quality design in terms of planning, materials and finishes. There is a good mix of office and residential use, a variety of public and private open space in the form of centrally landscaped garden, play area, roof gardens and balconies. Materials are predominantly a mixture of Portland stone cladding, render and traditional redbrick common to the area.