No.s 1-3 School Terrace, Donore Avenue, Dublin 8

Area : 268 sqm
Status : complete 2008

The development comprises 3 no. two storey, two-three bed terraced houses with landscaped courtyard spaces and off-street parking. Located between No. 86 Elford Terrace and St. Catherine’s Junior National School.

This corner greenfield site of 324 square metres had its own potential and constraints and permitted a certain type of development in terms of height and density allowing for a site coverage of 40%.

Located on the corner of Donore Avenue the Scheme re-instates the street fabric to give a new context to the surrounding area. A stepped elevation on the corner articulates this important junction integrating the building with the scale of the existing adjoining terraced houses and St. Catherine’s Church.

The materials used include brick, render, limestone, concrete and aluminium window sections and copings. The development is characterised in large part by the traditional red brick common to the area.

This area is one of the key re-development areas in the city and is on the periphery of the Cork Street Corridor whose objective is ‘ Re-creating a City Street ‘