Morning Star Mens Hostel, Morning Star Avenue, Brunswick Street North, Dublin 7

Area : 2722sqm
Status : Phase 1 Complete 2010
Value : € 2,350,000.00

The Client, the Legion of Mary, has provided frontline services to the poor and dispossessed while staying true to Catholic ethos since its foundation in 1927. We became involved in this project following the imposition of a Fire Notice requiring works to the existing Hostel, built in 1879 as a House of Industry. It was decided to upgrade the hostel to the highest standards to accommodate future use in a 2 phase project.

Located on an elevated site overlooking the city, the existing building is a 3 storey institutional calp stone structure. Although not a protected structure, we wished to protect the existing structure, so all intensive services (toilet areas, boiler house, emergency stairs, etc) were to be located in new extensions to the north and south of the existing building.

Accommodation, located in the existing building, is in open cubicles, allowing personal space while giving the communal aspect of a dormitory. Separate rooms for the staff are located in the new rear extension, along with new shower facilities and toilets. All items were specified to be low maintenance and hardwearing. For example, for the external elevation we chose Kingspan cladding panels to eliminate all need for future painting, while marmoleum flooring, whiterock and Rigidur walls and steel sanitary ware were specified for internal use.

Sustainable measures, such as solar panels for heating the water supply, and a gravity pressured water system, were incorporated at an early stage. The existing building was also insulated internally to present standards, with full replacement of all windows.