Anna Gaynor House, Our Lady’s Hospice, Harold’s Cross, Dublin 6w

Area : 5300 sqm
Status : Completed in 2009
Value :

This is a 100-bed, extended care unit including therapy facilities and a day-care facility offering long-term care to older people and high-dependency people with chronic illness.

The proposed location for the development to the front of the existing Hospice building on the site of a former car park and old school building unifys the complex by providing a shared drop-off / entrance point with the Palliative Care and St. Joseph’s Rheumatic care facility. Therapy facilities are easily accessible to both the new and existing patient care facilities.

The demolition of the of unsightly former school building and reconfiguration of the road system opens up the view and emphasises the significant setting of Greenmount House, a Protected Structure, as well as allowing space for the building.

The external appearance and internal layout is similar to the award-winning Palliative Care Unit, and offers a non-institutional environment in keeping with the Hospice ethos “to strive through a team approach and in an atmosphere of loving care to promote wholeness of body, mind & spirit.”

This purpose-designed, modern facility is single-storey throughout for all patient / therapy areas, staff changing, and visitors’ overnight rooms are accommodated at basement and first floor levels. A drop in level across the site allows the central stores to be accessed at road level.

All ancillary spaces / service rooms have been grouped together in the centre of ward areas and a simple racetrack-circulation system serves each ward. All wards, single-rooms and dayrooms have level-access to landscaped courtyards / terraces or green spaces. The use of continuous bands of rooflights internally flood the corridors with daylight.